“I just wanted to quickly say a personal thanks to everyone and your teams for all the hard work and dedication you gave to myself and the festival this year. You have helped me so much and all together we have made the project run the smoothest I have seen it yet (and trust me, that’s a lot of years!!!!)
On site, Sel, Heggy and Dave have been absolute superstar and totally got involved with both the system and the (often slightly more difficult) inner workings of our clients….!! It has been an absolute pleasure to spend the month with such a great team.
Caroline and Dave, your attention to everything in the prep and support from the office has very much been appreciated by me and all from the festival and from an insider, Neg as a company is being spoken extremely highly of as a result.
I really hope to work with you again next year on this if it happens, (and if not before, on something else).
Thanks again, please keep in touch”