Iron Maiden’s Legacy of the Beast World Tour, 2022

Iron Maiden’s The Legacy of the Beast World Tour in 2022 has been described as iconic and unforgettable. It marks 47 years since the band formed in East London. The band are known for their legendary performances and stage sets. Neg provided the lighting, rigging and automation for the tour which left fans amazed. 

Some of the fixtures used, included ROBE BMFL Wash XF, Clay Paky Sharpy Wash 330, Vari*Lite VL6000 Beam and Martin Mac Aura XB LED. 






One of the most memorable visuals in the show was the Spitfire aircraft floating and moving above the artists during the performance. Here, we used a Litec DST truss, Kinesys motorised trollies and Liftket chain hoists to allow the inflatables to track up and down stage.  

The stage lighting formed an arch over the performance space, the atmospheric angled trusses were shaped using sliding truss widgets. 

In line with the artists, the fixtures for this show were used creatively, in order to achieve the vision of the band! 

Our Project Manager for Iron Maiden’s Tour, Sam Ridgway, shared his reflections:   

“We have supported the Maiden camp for many years, every campaign and design brings its own challenges and triumphs. Usually, we are discussing the impact of the latest tour’s ‘Eddie’ however on this tour the Spitfire overshadowed him! Having been involved in conversations throughout its development, it was a great moment to finally see the Spitfire live on stage.” 


LD: Robert Coleman 

Photo Credit: John McMurtrie  

Management: Phantom Music Management  

Special effects: Pyrotekfx 

PA: Clair Brothers 

Inflatables: Hangman