Milestones at the Stone Nest, London

Holly Brightman, Moving Lights Technician at Neg Earth Lights, achieved a career milestone last month, taking on the responsibility of solo Lighting Technician for Gabriels’ gig at The Stone Nest. The lighting package, including customised network control, was supplied by Neg Earth Lights, with lighting design by Morgan Evans from Tim Routledge Lighting Design

Holly spoke of feeling daunted at first but, with support from the Neg Earth team, Morgan Evans, and venue management she thrived on the additional responsibility.

Holly explained the production’s equipment specification and the process of setting up: “The design itself was simple, yet effective, featuring a floor package of Martin Aura XBs, Ayrton Ghiblis and Portman P2s. Having prepped the system thoroughly at Neg Earth, I then travelled to the venue in the West End where I learnt that unloading a lorry in that part of London can be rather challenging!” Holly continues, “After loading the equipment into the venue with the assistance of local crew, set up went smoothly and it felt like a huge milestone for the evolution of my career at Neg Earth.’

Holly concludes, “I would really like to thank everyone that supported me and I’m excited to continue taking on new challenges to build on my skills!”

Lighting Designer: Morgan Evans
Lighting Technician: Holly Brightman
Production: 247 Productions
Production Manager: Andrew Thornton
Photography: Shaun Gordon