Retro, psychedelic lighting for Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets

Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets has been touring the world in 2022 with lighting, motors, network system and control consoles from Neg Earth Lights.

The band, led by legendary Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, are lit by a varied rig including Clay Paky Scenius Unico, Sharpy Wash, and B-Eye K25, Martin Aura XBs and Robe Robin Spikie LED WashBeams.

Designers Patrick Woodroffe and Paul ‘PK’ Kell aimed to reproduce Pink Floyd’s liquid light shows from the 1960s. Using laser projectors combined with the traditional technique of mixing oil, water, printer ink and dyes on two transparent, concaved, clockfaces the team created unique imagery and reactions each time.

The oil mixing is performed live under camera each night and projected onto the custom backdrop via Neg’s media server.

Paul Howling, Lighting Operator for the forthcoming US tour, previously led video integration and oil mixing, recently handing the reins over to Rachel Axton.

Check out Rachel’s demonstration of liquid light here.


Lighting Designer: @paul_pk_kell & @patrickwoodroffe1

Production Manager: Pat Baker

Lighting Operator: Paul Howling

Video Operator: Paul Howling & Rachel Axton

Oils: Rachel Axton

Photographer: @will_ireland_photo


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