Ibiza Classics 2022

Ibiza Classics’ Live Show returned once again and we are proud to have supplied the lighting and rigging system for their Winter Tour in 2022. 

We worked alongside the Cassius Creative team to bring their lighting vision to life. The lighting rig featured Aryton Karif , ACME Pixel Line, Ayrton Bora and GLP JDC1 as well as a Robe Robospot system with Robe Forte.

The video wall was supplied by Video Design which complemented the lighting effects.  

Our Neg Project Manager Gavin Maze says, “We have been working with the Ibiza Classics Team for many years now and it was great to work with them again.” 


LD- Cassius Creative 

PM- Paddy Hocken 

Photos- Dan Reid, Ash Youd