Bon Iver’s 2022 European tour

Neg Earth Lights supplies lighting, rigging and control systems for Bon Iver’s 2022 European tour.  

American indie folk band Bon Iver toured Europe in Autumn 2022 equipped with lighting, rigging and control from Neg Earth Lights. Described by the industry as transcendent, artful and interesting, their unique use of lighting and stage set up caught the attention of fans across the globe.  

The rig consisted of 5 V-shaped flown truss equipped with (new this year) Ayrton Cobras, alongside Martin MAC Vipers, Martin MAC Aura XBs, Martin VDO Sceptron and more. Mirrors supplied by White Void were hung below the flown truss and were manipulated throughout the show to reflect light from the floor to create unique lighting effects.  

Bon Iver’s 6 band members were raised on platforms lined by LED battens Martin VDO Sceptron, creating the effect of highlighting each of them throughout the show. The floor package boasted 151 lighting fixtures, all of which were involved in reflecting light around arenas across Europe.  

The band played London SSE Wembley on the 25th & 26th of October, just a short distance from Neg Earth Lights, and a few Neg employees went to see and photograph the show. Taylor Swift unexpectedly took to the stage with Bon Iver to perform Exile and Skinny Love which caused further excitement to fans.  

Neg’s Digital Marketing Manager, Tanya Kanani, witnessed the event, saying It was clear that fans had long awaited this moment. The energy in the arena was exhilarating. Each song evoked emotion and energy. The lighting was spectacular. The effect produced by the clever use of mirrors created reflections and an incredible glow as coloured light rays bounced around the room, dancing rhythmically to the beat.”  

Neg’s Project Manager, Damien Jackson, explains how great it was to see the tour happening, “The tour had been delayed twice previously due to COVID so it was great to finally work with Production Manager, James Dean and Lighting Designer, Michael Brown again.”  

Production Design: James Dean 

Lighting Designer: Michael Brown 

Photo Credit: Ruth Medjber