Lewis Capaldi’s 2022 and 2023 European Tours

Neg Earth Lights are thrilled to have been the supplier of the lighting, rigging for Lewis Capaldi’s 2023 European tour, where he performed his latest album ‘Broken by Desire to be Heavenly Sent’ released in May this year. Neg Earth had previously worked alongside the world-famous Scottish singer on his 2022 tour debuting his chart-topping single Forget Me. In this 2022 tour, Neg provided the lighting, rigging and automation. 

Neg Earth’s impressive fixtures joined Lewis Capaldi on stage during both his 2022 and 2023 tours. The performances featured the most innovative of fixtures within their categories, which were ingeniously intertwined with one another for a breathtaking back wall that left fans amazed. One of the features used for the back wall display was the Ayrton Karif LT, a 300W beam-spot luminaire that was alternated with the  JDC1 LED Strobe. This dynamic strobe, doubles as a high-powered blinder, making this fixture the perfect addition to a bold and beaming back wall. Neg Earth Lights also supplied GLP Impression FR10 Bars’ for the stage. This 60W LED bar was placed on trusses, controlled using a Kinesys automation system, and placed behind a digital screen showing ever-changing shapes for the audience to view. This was positioned above the singer, with the beams of light powering over the artist and the band, capturing the emotions of each song.  

Cassius Creative, the design team, developed the style of the back wall, with Dan Hill from the team expressing, “Surrounding the contemporary, solid architecture of the video monolith which housed the array of FR10 battens, we wanted a surrounding environment that could both enhance and reinforce video content on the monolith and action on stage – as well as having the power and scale to silhouette the monolith; and create a void of negative space the column of light from the FR10’s could appear from.” He continued, “The curvature of the back wall allowed us to create a seamless array of fixtures to do this, the JDC-1’s maintaining the contemporary feel and shape of the monolith; with the Karif’s creating textural beams to cut through other stage lighting, and dynamically change the aesthetic of the stage as required.” The team and crew at Neg Earth worked closely in collaboration with Cassius Creative throughout to ensure that their desired vision incorporating a curve angle, fixture spacing, and atmosphere was brought to life.   





Lighting Programming: Cassius Creative  

Lighting Director: Franki McDade 

Camera Director: Phil Woodhead 

Video Design: Studio Flint  

Video: 4wall 

Photography: Projoe Photography 

Automation Operator:  The Motion Labs 

Production Manager: Nick Lawrie 

Tour Manager: Scott Smythe 

Staging: All Access Staging 

Set Fabrication: The Next Stage UK 

Scenic LED: LED Creative LTD 


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