Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023

To celebrate the galaxy far, far away, the world’s biggest Star Wars event, Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023, took place over a 4-day weekender full of storm troopers, dark droids and luminous lightsabres from the 7th to the 10th April. 

For the LucasFilm Studio showcase, Neg Earth Lights are thrilled to have provided lighting fixtures and equipment which created a striking and out-of-this-world visual display.  The Neg Earth team worked closely with Lighting Designer Matt Bialek, to develop his creative vision for the celebration into a futuristic space spectacle. 

‘Warsies’ and ‘Star Warriors’ headed to the ExCeL in London in a community of Cosplay costumes for a celebration of the fifth highest grossing movie franchise of all time. The event included immersive exhibits, exclusive merchandise and celebrity guests. The sell-out event celebrated all things Star Wars, even releasing a major announcement for the return of old Star Wars legends onscreen.  

One of the fixtures supplied by Neg Earth for the showcase was the Martin Mac Aura PXL. This multi-lens wash light features high intensity beams, providing the exhibition with bold and vibrant beams of colours which projected through the rooms. Additionally, the Ayrton Domino Profile helped to produce a space-age atmosphere from its dynamic lines of saturated light. The high-performance fixture was a great contribution to the lighting display, creating a broad colour spectrum for the Sci-Fi Celebration. 

Neg Earth are proud to be the lighting supplier for the Star Wars Celebration 2023. We hope to work with the Star Wars Celebration team on future initiatives to develop more striking shows.  



Lighting Designer: Matt Bialek  

Project Manager: Martin Garnish 

Photography credit:  @geek.pride 

Video credit: Star Wars Celebration via Instagram