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On 7-10th of March 2023, the world’s most well-known dog show, Crufts, kicked off in the NEC Birmingham for a 4-day spectacular, with over 18,000 contestants and hundreds of thousands of visitors. Organised and hosted by The Kennel Club, Crufts features a wide array of prestigious awards to celebrate the world of dogs. 

Neg Earth Lights were thrilled to be the supplier once again of the lighting for the 2023 show, and proudly supported Crufts for their monumental 150th anniversary! Moreover, it was a pleasure to have worked on such a unique project, giving the Neg team further experience working in a range of different events. 

28 Ayrton Perseo-S fixtures were provided for the show. These luminaires highlighted the dogs taking centre stage with their moving-head and precise beams. 

52 Chroma-Q Color One 100 X IP65 were supplied by Neg Earth for the event. These powerful LED beams have an extensive range of features including theatrical grade dimming, making this the perfect feature for drawing attention to the dogs taking to the floor. 

24 Martin Mac Aura PXL were also provided for the show. These multi-lens wash lights, which feature high intensity yet tight beams, helped to produce a dramatic showbiz effect for the stage. 

These high-performance fixtures contributed to an entertaining and theatrical visual display spotlighting the performing pups. Neg Earth Lights are proud to have supplied the lighting equipment for a 4-day showcase at Crufts 2023, helping to perfectly execute a striking visual display, providing world-class lighting for a world-class event. 


Lighting Designer/Operator: Paul Cook  

Project Team: Martin Garnish and Rachel Condon 



To celebrate the galaxy far, far away, the world’s biggest Star Wars event, Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023, took place over a 4-day weekender full of storm troopers, dark droids and luminous lightsabres from the 7th to the 10th April. 

For the LucasFilm Studio showcase, Neg Earth Lights are thrilled to have provided lighting fixtures and equipment which created a striking and out-of-this-world visual display.  The Neg Earth team worked closely with Lighting Designer Matt Bialek, to develop his creative vision for the celebration into a futuristic space spectacle. 

‘Warsies’ and ‘Star Warriors’ headed to the ExCeL in London in a community of Cosplay costumes for a celebration of the fifth highest grossing movie franchise of all time. The event included immersive exhibits, exclusive merchandise and celebrity guests. The sell-out event celebrated all things Star Wars, even releasing a major announcement for the return of old Star Wars legends onscreen.  

One of the fixtures supplied by Neg Earth for the showcase was the Martin Mac Aura PXL. This multi-lens wash light features high intensity beams, providing the exhibition with bold and vibrant beams of colours which projected through the rooms. Additionally, the Ayrton Domino Profile helped to produce a space-age atmosphere from its dynamic lines of saturated light. The high-performance fixture was a great contribution to the lighting display, creating a broad colour spectrum for the Sci-Fi Celebration. 

Neg Earth are proud to be the lighting supplier for the Star Wars Celebration 2023. We hope to work with the Star Wars Celebration team on future initiatives to develop more striking shows.  



Lighting Designer: Matt Bialek  

Project Manager: Martin Garnish 

Photography credit:  @geek.pride 

Video credit: Star Wars Celebration via Instagram


At London Fashion week 2023, the Italian luxury house Moncler closed out the event with a ground-breaking, experience-driven spectacular, with their collaborative capsule collection ‘Moncler Genius’. Neg Earth Lights are delighted to be the supplier of lighting fixtures, automation systems and a custom-built arch for the Moncler Genius show. 

The London Fashion Week 2023 show had been carefully planned and executed by the premier special- events company Villa Eugénie. The brand’s creativity and expertise combined with the major influence that the fashion industry has on culture, has driven the innovative event-company Villa Eugénie to produce over 1000 unique fashion shows and events worldwide.  

Moncler Genius, which first launched in 2018, is a unique collection which continues to evolve. First founded by the brand’s CEO Remo Ruffini, the collection has previously featured collaborative concepts with the gifted Simone Rocha and Valentino’s iconic Pierpaolo Piccioli. With Moncler rebelling against traditional luxury fashion and redefining the meaning of ‘collaboration’, the show successfully captured their evolution of creativity. 

100,000 guests took to London’s Kensington Olympia Stadium to spectate the creative masterpiece which incorporated big brands, creatives, and artists, including Pharrell Williams, Mercedez-Benz, Rick Owens, Palm Angles, Adidas Originals and many more. The show culminated in a performance from Grammy-award winning, R&B sensation Alicia Keys. 

Neg Earth Lights are thrilled to have been the supplier of lighting fixtures in the Moncler Genius show as well as a Kinesys motor system which supported various luminaires at the exhibition including high performance Robe  and Ayrton fixtures. Additionally, there were unique pods which hung throughout the room from our automated motor systems. The lighting powerfully projected outwards in narrow beams into the room giving a futuristic, space-age atmosphere. Moreover, this out of this world spectacular helped to truly express the innovative nature of the Moncler Genius collective through an incredible immersive display. 

In addition, Neg Earth created a custom fabricated three-quarter circle to give the desired arch-look for Alicia Keys’ performance in the Moncler show.  The custom-made arch, built by the talented team at Neg Earth, was 26m in diameter, 18m in height, with 73 robe mega pointe adorning the curvature for an impressive runway-style stage which powerfully mirrored the venues architecture. 

 With an impressive kick-start to the year, this display brought Ruffini’s inventive vision to life from encompassing technology, entertainment, and design. Neg Earth Lights are delighted to have been the supplier of the lighting elements and key motor systems used in the show, contributing to a striking immersive display. 



Project Manager: Martin Garnish 

Lighting Designer: Arf & Yes 

Production: Villa Eugénie 

Neg Earth Lights has recently partnered with eco-friendly community project Remade in Park Royal with the aim to reduce industrial waste going to landfill. Neg Earth Lights’ Senior Fabricator, Phil Webb, established his relationship with the project’s founders, Tom Fraser-Ivans and Grace Williams, 3 years ago.  

The community project, Remade in Park Royal, is dedicated to creating a circular economy. Their team has established a material exchange hub for the local community, which prevents unwanted industrial items ending up in landfill. Instead, local artists and schools are free to utilise them in their creative endeavours. 

Phil first met Tom 3 years ago in the local community, when Tom was seeking art pieces created from upcycled and recycled materials for an exhibition he was planning. They exchanged contact details and have since fostered a working relationship using unwanted industrial items.  

Phil has since started his own creations, making sculptures out of unwanted metal previously used in the live events industry. He explains, “I like the idea of repurposing scrap items and equipment for an art piece rather than increasing the carbon footprint of the item through the recycling process.” He has been known to create coat racks and large 5ft flowers out of old shackles. But his most renowned creation is his Spannersaurus, which featured in the Work-Leisure art exhibition organised by artist and lecturer Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad. 

With the realisation that their community of eco-friendly artists was growing, Remade in Park Royal was set up. Phil Webb then donated 500m of 8mm high-quality rigging rope to the project. Forest school, outdoor learning and environmental education provider in West London, Bewilder Education, has since taken the rope to help children learn more about spiders in an interactive and fun way by creating a giant spider web. 

Phil spread the word to Neg Earth Lights owners Pip & Dave Ridgway, who both expressed their passion for eco-friendly projects and subsequently pledged to support Remade in Park Royal with a donation of £3,000 towards the campaign. This crowdfunding campaign has raised over £30,000 so far, allowing founders Tom and Grace to make the project fully operational. 

Neg’s HSE Advisor, Sonia Dhariwal, who is focusing on the company’s environmental efforts explains the positive aspects of this partnership, “It is important to collaborate with the local community to establish partnerships with like-minded individuals and seek bespoke solutions and opportunities to help reduce our environmental impact.”  

We look forward to supporting the cause and sharing images of the artists’ creations.  


In collaboration with Women in Live Music (WILM), we were thrilled to have held our first beginner’s workshop to educate and offer advice to women who are striving to enter the world of lighting.  

At Neg Earth Lights we are passionate about taking action to make a positive change, and whilst Neg have made a conscious effort over many years to introduce more women into the workplace and bridge the gap of gender inequality, the sad reality remains that far less women are working within the live events industry than men. 

Roles such as Lighting Technicians, Power Technicians and Riggers are held predominantly by men, and with shocking statistics from Zippia showing that only 13.4% of Light Technicians are women. Here at Neg we want to change this.  

Moreover, Neg Earth Lights is a family-run business and was founded by Dave and Pip Ridgway. With an inspiring female figure as one of the Managing Directors, Pip is passionate about the company helping to make a difference and encourage more women into the live events industry. In the panel discussion, Neg Project Manager Lindsey Markham, told the guests, ‘For me, in this industry I’ve always felt that I couldn’t find the routes in. Now, I think we are getting better at finding these routes in for people and I really think this forum is amazing,’ showing how passionate the Neg team are for offering these opportunities, inspired by their own first-hand experiences. 

In honour of International Women’s Day on the 8th of March 2023, Neg Earth Lights collaborated with the incredible team at Women in Live Music, offering exclusive workshops at our in-house studio, LH3. The event was a packed day of learning, networking, and lots of fun! A special mention to the women at WILM, including Olive Olin and Malle Kaas for assisting with the workshop, and Neg’s Marketing Manager, Tanya Kanani, who had carefully planned and hosted the event. 

The response to the event was incredible with tickets selling out within the first hour of release! Additionally, there were over 30 people signed up to the waiting list for the event, showing its popularity amongst women aspiring to enter the live events industry, highlighting the current demand for career guidance and support within this industry.  

The workshops were split into the specialities of lighting, rigging and power, with the guests alternating between sessions. The lighting workshop was led by Neg’s Technical Solutions Manager Joao Magalhaes and Lighting Designer Subul Lodi. The workshop explored the 4 key stages in the live event lighting process; Design, Preparation, Delivery and Practical. The guests not only gained theory-based knowledge in the sessions, but also gained hands-on experience operating the impressive GrandMA console. The rigging workshop was set up by Neg’s in-house Motors and Rigging Manager Rick Williamson, and the workshop was run by WILM member and rigger Ida Maria Borgstrom. This workshop involved teaching the guests to float a pre-built truss grid, showing them how to build and install baskets onto the grid and land the grid. This interactive approach to the workshop was a fantastic way for the guests to learn through practical application. The third was a Power workshop, set up by Carl Garner, Neg’s Electrical Specialist, and Maintenance Technician Bernice Roust and led by Bernice herself. In the workshop, Bernice educated the guests on Power Theory, as well as incorporating a hands-on practical application to her workshop. 

Following these sessions was the panel Q+A, where the all-female panel discussed barriers within the live events industry and how to overcome them. The panel featured the Production Manager Alice James, Neg Project Manager Lindsey Markham, Lighting Designer Subul Lodi, Rigger Ida Maria and Ambersphere Key Account Manager Briony Berning. The audience had a chance to ask questions at the end, which explored how to confidently enter the industry, choose a specific area in the live events sector, and connect with professionals.  

On this amazing day, jointly sponsored by Neg and Ambersphere, to ensure this opportunity was accessible regardless of individual circumstances, the group had networking drinks, where the guests, female panel, and workshop leaders had the chance to socialise and make new connections.  To put an end to the day the guests left armed with swag from both Ayrton and Neg and a sense that with us, everything is possible. 

An inspiring message taken from Lindsey Markham during the panel discussion was; ‘‘If you think you can do it and no one’s giving it to you, go and get it, go and ask for it… go and execute it well. 

Keep an eye out for our future initiatives where you can learn to be a part of the incredible and diverse lighting community! 



In collaboration with: Women in Live Music 

Networking drinks supplied by: Ambersphere 

Event Planner: Tanya Kanani 



On the 18th of June 2022, world-renowned rock band Stereophonics took to the stage in the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, with the iconic Sir Tom Jones and indie-rock sensation Catfish and the Bottlemen performing alongside them, for an unforgettable punk performance. For the show, Stereophonics performed their twelfth studio album ‘Oochya’, featuring the hits ‘Hanging on your hinges’ and ‘When you see it’.  

 Neg Earth Lights are delighted to have provided the lighting and rigging for the concert, supplying the stage with the latest innovations of fixtures to truly wow the audience of dedicated rock-loving fans. Our team worked closely in collaboration with Lighting Designer Brent Clarke to bring his creative vision to life. Brent Clarke spoke with the Neg Earth Lights team and revealed, “I think the Stadium was chosen as a way to go back in time and celebrate the gig the band did at Morfa Stadium in 1999,” he continued, “I also think it was their way of saying that live concerts had returned to Cardiff, as the concert was titled ‘We Will Keep a Welcome.’”  

The show featured four independently moving panoramic screens which were sub-hung from header trusses. These trusses were chosen to carefully hide the rigging for the automation system. Each screen was surrounded by GLP Impression X4 bar 20s, creating the boxed effect for the visual display.  

7 ROBE Robospot were supplied as the follow spot system. This innovative control system helped to synchronise fixtures that followed the band across the entire stage.  

Neg Earth Lights were thrilled to be the supplier of the lighting and rigging for this show. Our talented team and crew helped turn Brent Clark’s vision into a spectacular rock reality. We were honoured to have received a special mention from the Lighting designer, “I really enjoyed working with everyone and the team from Neg were spectacular in every way. I couldn’t have asked for a better team!”  



Photographer: Hans-Peter van Velthoven 

Lighting Designer: Brent Clarke 

Production Manager: Dave Nelson 

Neg Earth Lights were delighted to once again supply the lighting and rigging system for Sting’s Autumn tour. 

Utilising our custom-made truss with sliding forks, this enabled us to create the arch shaped lighting trusses, turning Lighting Designer Danny Nolan’s design into reality 

We have worked with Lighting Designer Danny Nolan for many years, producing some great shows together. This tour was no exception, however this design came with a twist. Using precision engineered sliding forks from Tyler truss we created an arch shaped pre-rig truss. 

The Team at Neg Earth Lights have had a very busy few months providing equipment both nationally and internationally, for festivals and large live events. Throughout this period, the team encountered several challenges, but were resilient, hardworking, and maintained high spirits! 
We’d like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone at Team Neg for making everything we do possible! 

We are fast approaching this year’s Kartfest, the annual karting day in aid of Backup Tech, The Technical Entertainment Charity.


Meet our karting team, Neg Earth, Wind and Fire. A team with grit and determination that plan to put us at the top of the leader board on 7th July.


Photo left to right: Fadil Abanur Rigging Technician, Zin Vaitiekunas Warehouse Operative, Josie Richardson HR Advisor, Ciaran Markey Senior Consoles Technician, Abi Roberts Digital Marketing Executive, Jake Williams IT Manager.


Join us in cheering for Neg Earth, Wind and Fire!


We feel privileged to raise money for such a fabulous charity that supports our industry. Find out more about Kartfest: Kartfest 2022 — Backup (


Let’s race.

Breaking the bias with Pip Ridgway, Stephanie Smyth, Jasmine Williams and Bernice Roust.

International Women’s Day 2022 challenges us to identify gender bias in all warps of life, from the workplace to schools, communities, colleges, universities and more.

We asked women at Neg Earth their thoughts on working in the live events industry. Touching on their favourite thing about the industry, their biggest challenges and asking for their suggestions on how the industry should improve for women.



‘We need more male allies,’ meet Pip Ridgway, Managing Director at Neg Earth Lights.

What’s your favourite thing about working in the industry?
Seeing the final result. After months of planning, you’re finally at the show, the house lights go down, you look around and you feel the intoxicating anticipation, excitement, and joy of the crowd.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve overcome?
Many might assume it would be rebuilding a company after a fire or leading a company through a pandemic. I believe working to be accepted as more than just ‘the girlfriend’ gave me the resilience and sense of purpose needed to overcome fires and pandemics.

What needs to change to improve for women in live music?
We need more male allies; we need the workplace to be more welcoming and we need more women who can give a helping hand to those starting out.



‘There needs to be more representation,’ meet Jasmine Williams, Project Coordinator at Neg Earth Lights.

What’s your favourite thing about working in the industry?
My favourite thing about working in the industry is the level of creativity involved in designing, planning, and executing a live event. It’s great to be around the interesting people that make it happen and I love seeing an event we’ve done knowing that I helped in some way.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve overcome?
I think being a young woman especially, it’s difficult to be taken seriously and you do have to end up working twice as hard at times to receive the same recognition. Luckily people are becoming more aware of this, and I have noticed improvements in some environments.

What needs to improve for women in live music?
There needs to be more representation including women of colour and for men to seek out a wider knowledge of how to interact appropriately with women on the job, assuming they know what they’re doing unless asked otherwise for example. I’ve seen women in higher roles recruit other women which is great, and I hope that continues.



‘More women!’ Meet Bernice Roust, Technician at Neg Earth Lights.

What’s your favourite thing about working in the industry?
It’s Rock and Roll we have a long tradition of work hard play hard.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve overcome?
There are always challenges, the engineering ones are often difficult, but we always will succeed, other ones will be dealt with as is best possible, someone will provide the support needed.

What needs to improve for women in live music?
More women! We are a little underrepresented, but here at least we are respected. We need women technicians, women crew and more women in the industry all together.



‘We are not groupies!’ Meet Stephanie Smyth, Inventory Coordinator at Neg Earth Lights.

1) What’s your favourite thing about working in the industry?
Not doing the same thing as everyone else. Being in a niche industry that’s sole purpose is to wow and delight fans.

2) What’s the biggest challenge you’ve overcome?
Realizing that women have a place here and that the men DO want us here as well! Many roles in this industry are manual labour based so it is important to let our teams/ crew know what we are capable of and not confuse intended chivalry with machismo. While calling out machismo-isms when we see them too! When you are pulling your own weight and are a part of the team, this really doesn’t take long.

3) What needs to improve for women in live music?
The perception that a woman backstage is a groupie. (Cue the I time I once caught a group of girls look at me and say, “OMG, look at her, honestly, who brings a spanner to a gig?”)