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On 7-10th of March 2023, the world’s most well-known dog show, Crufts, kicked off in the NEC Birmingham for a 4-day spectacular, with over 18,000 contestants and hundreds of thousands of visitors. Organised and hosted by The Kennel Club, Crufts features a wide array of prestigious awards to celebrate the world of dogs. 

Neg Earth Lights were thrilled to be the supplier once again of the lighting for the 2023 show, and proudly supported Crufts for their monumental 150th anniversary! Moreover, it was a pleasure to have worked on such a unique project, giving the Neg team further experience working in a range of different events. 

28 Ayrton Perseo-S fixtures were provided for the show. These luminaires highlighted the dogs taking centre stage with their moving-head and precise beams. 

52 Chroma-Q Color One 100 X IP65 were supplied by Neg Earth for the event. These powerful LED beams have an extensive range of features including theatrical grade dimming, making this the perfect feature for drawing attention to the dogs taking to the floor. 

24 Martin Mac Aura PXL were also provided for the show. These multi-lens wash lights, which feature high intensity yet tight beams, helped to produce a dramatic showbiz effect for the stage. 

These high-performance fixtures contributed to an entertaining and theatrical visual display spotlighting the performing pups. Neg Earth Lights are proud to have supplied the lighting equipment for a 4-day showcase at Crufts 2023, helping to perfectly execute a striking visual display, providing world-class lighting for a world-class event. 


Lighting Designer/Operator: Paul Cook  

Project Team: Martin Garnish and Rachel Condon 



Heavy metal band Bullet for My Valentine, travelled across Europe and the UK for their 2023 tour, after releasing a deluxe edition of their self-titled debut album in August 2022. Neg Earth supplied high performance lighting for the 2023 tour, helping to develop a powerful rock spectacular for the Welsh band. 

The shows featured Ukrainian band Jinjer and Californian band Atreyu as special guests at all the concerts, treating devoted fans to an unforgettable night of metal-core music. 

The first show kicked off in Cologne, with further performances across Europe’s major cities including Paris and Brussels. The band then travelled to the UK, performing in the nation’s biggest cities including an incredible final show at the Roundhouse in London to draw the tour to a close. 

Neg Earth supplied lighting fixtures and equipment for the tour, which helped bring Lighting Designer, Richard Larkum’s creative vision to life. The Ayrton Diablo created radiant beams and produced an extensive range of bold and bright colours, making it the perfect fixture to compliment the hardcore punk performance. 

The rig also featured the Chorus Line 16, which was positioned around a raised section of the stage. This 16-pixel bar wash luminaire dynamically projected intense beams of colour throughout each venue, matching the emotions of each song performed by the Welsh band.  

It was a pleasure to once again work with Richard Larkum on another incredible tour and help turn his vision into a metal-rock reality for Bullet for My Valentine. 



Lighting Designer: Richard Larkum 

Project Manager: Martin Garnish



Photo Credits:   

Scott Findlay/ © S.W.F Productions 

© Pacific Curd Photography for Metal Hammer