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Neg Earth Lights provided lighting and rigging solutions for Glass Animals’ UK 2021 tour. The Cassius Creative lighting team used a mixture of GLP JDC1 LED strobes and Martin MAC Aura XB LEDs controlled by GrandMA2 console. The colourful and innovative set design included palm trees which were uplit by Astera AX5s; the floor also featured JDCs and Ayrton Ghiblis.

Production & Lighting Design: Cassius Creative
Video Content: Sila Sveta
Lighting Director: Alex Noel
Production Manager: Simon Lutkin
Tour Manager: Tom Allen

Lighting: NEG Earth Lights
Video: Blue i Event Technology
Set: The Next Stage
Scenic LED: LED Creative
Photos: Joe Okpako

Meet team members at Neg Earth Lights and find out what makes each individual an integral part of making live events happen. The first part of this series will be focused on Bernice Elaine Roust.

Bernice has been working as a Technician in the Tech Workshop for Neg Earth for 10 years; however, she has known the Managing Directors for the company, Pip and Dave Ridgway, since Neg Earth began 40 years ago. We conducted a short interview with Bernice to find out more about her time at Neg Earth Lights.


1) What is your role at Neg Earth Lights?

[Bernice] I am a technician, you break it, I fix it, I also build bespoke and specialist pieces of equipment.


2) What did you do for a job before working at Neg Earth?

[Bernice] I was at Avolites making Analogue lighting consoles among many things.


3) How did you first learn about Neg Earth Lights?

[Bernice] Neg Earth shared a warehouse in Acton with other companies many years ago, when Neg Earth moved from there to a small warehouse in Park Royal I moved with them then after another move to a larger warehouse left and 25 years later re-joined.


4) What is your favourite part about working for Neg Earth?

[Bernice] Making beautiful things.


5) What 3 words best describe Neg Earth Lights?

[Bernice] ROCK AND ROLL! 


6) If you could switch your job with anyone else at Neg Earth, whose job would you want?

[Bernice] No way! I love my job and I really wouldn’t want any other. 


7) What has been your favourite project at Neg Earth Lights?

[Bernice] I have created a gallery of all the equipment I have worked on. I am proud of all my creations. 


8) If you had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

[Bernice] Noooo! That would be hell, I love food and if I ate the same thing every day, I would be sick of it within a week. But if we are talking types of meals, I could never go without breakfast; it’s the most important meal of the day! 


9) Would you rather be a tiny elephant or a giant hamster and why?

[Bernice] A tiny elephant, because I feel like a giant hamster running in a wheel all day, the change would be nice. 


10) Which cartoon character would you most like to switch lives with?

[Bernice] I am a sucker for Anime and Cartoons but if I were a cartoon dog, it would have to be Muttley, always having the last snigger. 


11) What is your favourite TV series?

[Bernice] Anything science fiction! The Mandelorian to Babylon 5 and everything else. 


12) If you were an animal, what would it be?

[Bernice] An awesome, big, beautiful, powerful Shire Mare. I have encountered these magnificent beasts rarely at agricultural shows and steam fairs. Their size, grace, power, and gentleness leave me awestruck every time. 


13) Name a cause that is close to your heart.

[Bernice] I am a soft touch, I have seen many tragedies over the years, I am trans, on the autistic spectrum and I have experienced homelessness – so I give to those causes often. Shake your tin and if I’ve got money, you can have it.


14) What advice would you give your 10-year-old self?

[Bernice] At least a million different things, not one of which I could understand at 10 years old.


15) What is your proudest moment at Neg Earth?

[Bernice] Every time I make a new thing, I love my work. 


16) What advice do you have for prospective Neg Earth candidates?

[Bernice] You can check-out any time you like, you can never leave!


Adding to our ever-expanding range of IP66 fixtures, we have recently taken delivery of the SGM Q8 Strobe. With an output of over 55,000 lumens and a diverse range of features including a uniquely controllable LED strobe bar, they are proving to be very popular.

They have already featured on several NEG Earth Lights productions, with over 180 recently featuring on a festive installation.

The Lighting Design team of Jason Robinson and Jason Shaw used Lighting and Rigging supplied by Neg Earth Lights to create a spectacular backdrop for WWE’s world-renowned Crown Jewel event.

The lighting rig supplied featured over 1,100 fixtures, including 150 GLP JDC1 LED Strobe, 250 Clay Paky Sharpy / Sharpy Washes and 8 Robe RoboSpot systems. We also supplied well over 400 metres of truss and over 200 chain hoists.

A strong and experienced crew of 18 from Neg Earth Lights helped create this worldwide spectacle which broadcast on 21st October 2021.

Lighting Design Team: Jason Robinson and Jason Shaw