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160 PIXEL LINE IP fixtures have arrived at our HQ.

Acme’s PIXEL LINE IP STROBE 3 IP revolutionises mapping strip technology boasting Smart Glass Technology (PATENTED), with a simple switch turn the front glass from frosted to transparent depending on your desired result.

Avoid empty black holes with 672 RGB LEDS and a hidden 112 x 3W Cold White strobe tube within an all-weather enclosing making this the perfect fixture for any outdoor live event.

A big thank you to Acme for the fantastic service and swift delivery.

PIXEL LINE IP’s are now available for rental and dry hire.

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We have recently received 100 Color STRIKE Ms from Chauvet Professional Lighting.

Color STRIKE M can be described as a motorised strobe/wash with two ultra-bright, white light tube elements surrounded by a colour-mixing and pixel-mappable face with two omega bracket attachments for flexible mounting.

This new-to-our-inventory product is IP65 rated, come rain, or shine the resistant casing protects the fixture from weather conditions making it a perfect candidate for festival season.

A big thank you to Chauvet Professional Lighting for the seamless order and delivery.

Chauvet Color STRIKE Ms are now available for rental and dry hire.

We are excited to announce that we took delivery of 55 out of 115 Ayrton COBRAs this week.

The all-new COBRA pushes all the limits boasting an infinite pan and tilt, 92 gobos’, and an impressive laser source. Planning an event outside? This fixture can do everything inside and out with the luminaire’s simplified waterproofing EasyProtect-65™.

A big thank you to AYRTON and Ambersphere for the seamless delivery.

Ayrton COBRAs are now available for rentals and dry hire. 


The legendary band Genesis has reunited for “The Last Domino?” world tour, their first since 2007.

Long-time Creative Director for the band, Patrick Woodroffe, worked with Roland Greil to design the set and lighting for the tour. Genesis core members Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks kicked off the COVID-delayed tour last September in Birmingham, England then played a US leg in November and December. The open-ended tour continues in March with dates booked in Germany, France, the Netherlands and England.

The lighting design calls for 148 versatile Claypaky Scenius Unico spot, wash and beam lights for the show, which were supplied by Neg Earth Lights.

“As Genesis has a rich history of pushing the envelope in terms of show design, it was important to keep that momentum going for their return to the stage,” says Roland Greil. “For Patrick and myself it was key to create a very versatile and theatrical design, which allows for all kind of different looks. Therefore we designed a stage that can change its look and overall feel for each and every song giving them all a suitable look and feel.

“Over the stage we built five pods, which are fully automated to change the scenery,” he explains. “Each of them holds 16 Claypaky Scenius Unicos and a linear array of LED Neon Flex. Together with Jeremy Lloyd, who did the show’s technical integration and design for Wonderworks, we have designed 2mm high-resolution LED wall panels upstage as a backdrop, which track horizontally and can spin to reveal lights on the back of the walls.

“A decently-sized floor package helps to support the overall look from the floor or create imagery with the emphasis on strong floor lighting and silhouettes,” Greil adds. “The whole lighting system extends into the audience to create an immersive experience for the fans and include the auditorium in the overall look.”

Greil and Woodroffe have found Scenius Unico to be “a proven workhorse” fixture for their shows in the past. “It’s versatile and has a lovely big front lens, which works perfectly for an arena rig,” says Greil. The majority of the Scenius Unico fixtures for Genesis are integrated into the five fully-automated pods over the stage with additional units mounted on two audience trusses and an advance truss.

Greil also acts as the Lighting Director for the tour. Marc Brunkhardt is the Lighting Programmer and Joshua Key the Video ProgrammerSam Pattinson and Giles Maunsell of Treatment Studio did the content design and production.

Article Credit: Clay Paky 

Photo Credit: Manfred H. Vogel 

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Leading lighting supplier Neg Earth Lights have made a significant investment in Martin’s new MAC Aura PXL multi-source LED wash with the addition of 100 units to their rental inventory, supplied by Martin UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd.

The Martin MAC Aura PXL is an industry first – a workhorse LED wash light capable of multiple source pixel-mapping. Its 141 Aura backlight pixels and 19 main beam pixels are all independently controllable. In addition to DMX, Art-Net and sACN, the fixture can be controlled by Martin´s P3 protocol for setup and programming and allows a rig of fixtures to deliver cohesive content that blends together with video content on panels or creative LED products. You can even blend seamlessly between console and media input sources via the P3 mix channel.

The MAC Aura PXL’s new attractive facia and a hugely increased output of the Aura backlight allows the PXL to create stunning facia and wash effects on a much larger scale compared to the MAC Aura XB. The MAC Aura PXL has an output of 10,500 lumens in wide beam, 8,500 in narrow beam, while its RGBW colour-mixing light engine is capable of very bright and vibrant saturated colours, as well as beautiful pastels and white tones. The MAC Aura PXL also has a rich feature set of internal FX macros allowing maximum versatility even when time is of the essence.

Image title

Joao Magalhaes, Technical Solutions Manager, Neg Earth Lights, commented, “The Martin MAC Aura PXL is a great addition to our stock, modernising our portfolio of technology boasting multi-lens with backlight capabilities. It’s 10,500 lumens of RGBW light output and 1:8 zoom range enables the fixture to deliver on productions of various sizes. The option for integration with our pre-existing P3-300 system and VDO Sceptron range allows us to offer an excellent creative package to our clients. Our team looks forward to seeing the Martin MAC Aura PXL in action.”

Original Article: Neg Earth Lights add 100 Martin MAC Aura PXL fixtures to rental inventory (

Credit: Sound Technology

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After being approached by Space Force UK in July 2021, the Neg Earth team were challenged with providing additional illumination to solve the issue of the Moon’s steadily decreasing brightness causing excessive darkness and navigation problems globally.


Neg Earth’s new client, Space Force UK, informed our Production Solutions team of the ongoing issue of loss of light. As of 2010, a typical full Moon reflected 13% of light from our major source of light and warmth, the Sun; however, the full Moon of 2020 measured at just 11% reflection. This reduction of light may seem acute; however, Space Force UK have had ever-increasing reports of people in rural areas getting lost and having issue with navigation.


We spoke to an individual (who wishes not to be identified by name) who had issues finding a herd of sheep on her farm situated in South Downs National Park. “Back in May 2020, I received calls from residents in the local area complaining that my sheep (around 23 of them) were loose and were eating their vegetable gardens, the problem was, I couldn’t get them back to the farm as the roads were too dark to navigate, even with my full beam on.” She continues, “Now Neg Earth Lights have been illuminating the Moon, I have no issues ushering my greedy sheep away from vegetable patches.”


Space Force UK contacted Neg Earth’s Production Solutions team in July 2021; Project Manager Ape Reel-Falls took on the challenge. Ape worked tirelessly finding lighting fixtures powerful enough to illuminate the Moon, resulting in our fabrications department creating a new lighting fixture with 1,000,000 lumen capabilities named aptly, the Super Moon Blaster (SMB), built with geo-navigation, enabling accurate tracking of the moon between sundown and sunrise.


We spoke to Space Force UK in relation to the Super Moon Blaster’s capabilities, “the SMB is situated in a top-secret location, it works so well that not many people were even aware of the issues we were having with the Moon’s brightness.”


There is only one Super Moon Blaster in the world, which is currently illuminating the Moon, so this bespoke piece is unavailable to hire out on for live events for the foreseeable.



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Our teams are well underway with preparing industry leading lighting equipment for Concert for Ukraine next week, which we proudly support by donating our hire equipment services to the event.

The concert includes an evening of performances from Ed Sheeran, Snow Patrol, Nile Rodgers & Chic, Becky Hill, Emeli Sandé, Manic Street Preachers and more at Resorts World Arena, Birmingham.

In addition, our Moving Lights technicians decided to customise the corner stickers to match the colours of the Ukrainian flag to show their support for the people of Ukraine.

Preparing a pallet of Solaris Flare Q+ RAYZERs which arrived at our HQ last week in time for an upcoming production in 2022. The 100cm combined colour wash strobe features 36 10W RGBW LEDs with a variety of mounting and joining options.


Are you planning a production? The Solaris Flare Q+ RAYZR, along with our other industry leading equipment, is available for rentals and dry hire.

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