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For the first time since 1998, the United Kingdom hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 on 13th May, held on behalf of Ukraine.  All 37 participants from across the globe performed live from Liverpool Arena, televised for millions of viewers to watch worldwide. Neg Earth Lights are incredibly proud to be the supplier of the lighting, rigging and power for the internationally renowned contest, working closely with talented Lighting Designer, Tim Routledge, to develop his creative vision for the show into an unforgettable lighting spectacular.  

 The slogan for the 67th Eurovision Contest was ‘United by Music’ highlighting the unique partnership between United Kingdom and Ukraine, but also expressing how music unites everyone and how the power of music can bring communities closer together. With Ukraine unable to host the show due to the war, this meaningful partnership reflects the origins of the contest, uniting countries in solidarity through a shared television experience. The BBC worked closely with European Broadcasting Union (EBU) to organise the contest, in discussion with UA: PBC, Ukraine’s public broadcaster, as well as Kalush Orchestra, last year’s winner of the contest.  

In a message to Ukraine, Liverpool’s Mayor, Joanne Anderson expressed prior to the big final, “Ukraine- you have my promise we will do you proud”.  

The team at Neg Earth had been preparing for many months leading up to the 3 shows. New equipment had been supplied especially for the occasion, including Robe’s latest innovations such as the Robe Tetra X. 


Preparation at Neg Earth: 

The Controls Team at Neg Earth Lights 

Tim Routledge explained in an interview with IBC the lighting specification for the show, “To create depth we’ve added 190 Robe Tetra X on the rear of the video doors to deliver a spinning, kinetic pixel-driven lighting wall. Behind that we have a wall of Robe Painte and Q8 strobes to add even more depth as the doors revolve.”  

He continued, “Around the oval stage, which is effectively in the round, I wanted a way to make new architectures of floor lighting so I designed 22 lifting columns into the lighting shelf that can rise and fall the Robe Spiiders on the edge. We have new fixtures in the form of the Clay Paky Sharpy on the four large set arms that frame the whole show.” 


Preparation for the big final at M&S Arena in Liverpool, UK 


Eurovision lighting rehearsals prior to the show 

The great result of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 was down to the hard work of our lighting team, our warehouse team and the entire Neg Earth crew. The lighting design was exceptionally executed by the lighting team, and in addition the extensive range of fixtures which Neg Earth Lights supplied truly wowed the millions of viewers from across the World. 


Take a look at some of the key statistics from the show! 



“That was the happiest, most joyous show I have ever worked on – it was fun from day 1 to the end and I cannot thank you enough for all the support Negs gave us. From the bottom of my heart – thankyou. This was as a special one, and Negs went for it. From an amazing new network to Joao’s tea break emergency kit and everything in between. Negs is one truly special company and everything we have done in the past has culminated in last week – thanks, it was truly world class.” 

Tim Routledge, Lighting Designer for Eurovision 


Click here to watch more behind the scenes at The Eurovision Song Contest 2023!




Lighting Designer: Tim Routledge  

Project Manager: Damien Jackson 

Technical Solutions: Ambersphere & MA Lighting 


At London Fashion week 2023, the Italian luxury house Moncler closed out the event with a ground-breaking, experience-driven spectacular, with their collaborative capsule collection ‘Moncler Genius’. Neg Earth Lights are delighted to be the supplier of lighting fixtures, automation systems and a custom-built arch for the Moncler Genius show. 

The London Fashion Week 2023 show had been carefully planned and executed by the premier special- events company Villa Eugénie. The brand’s creativity and expertise combined with the major influence that the fashion industry has on culture, has driven the innovative event-company Villa Eugénie to produce over 1000 unique fashion shows and events worldwide.  

Moncler Genius, which first launched in 2018, is a unique collection which continues to evolve. First founded by the brand’s CEO Remo Ruffini, the collection has previously featured collaborative concepts with the gifted Simone Rocha and Valentino’s iconic Pierpaolo Piccioli. With Moncler rebelling against traditional luxury fashion and redefining the meaning of ‘collaboration’, the show successfully captured their evolution of creativity. 

100,000 guests took to London’s Kensington Olympia Stadium to spectate the creative masterpiece which incorporated big brands, creatives, and artists, including Pharrell Williams, Mercedez-Benz, Rick Owens, Palm Angles, Adidas Originals and many more. The show culminated in a performance from Grammy-award winning, R&B sensation Alicia Keys. 

Neg Earth Lights are thrilled to have been the supplier of lighting fixtures in the Moncler Genius show as well as a Kinesys motor system which supported various luminaires at the exhibition including high performance Robe  and Ayrton fixtures. Additionally, there were unique pods which hung throughout the room from our automated motor systems. The lighting powerfully projected outwards in narrow beams into the room giving a futuristic, space-age atmosphere. Moreover, this out of this world spectacular helped to truly express the innovative nature of the Moncler Genius collective through an incredible immersive display. 

In addition, Neg Earth created a custom fabricated three-quarter circle to give the desired arch-look for Alicia Keys’ performance in the Moncler show.  The custom-made arch, built by the talented team at Neg Earth, was 26m in diameter, 18m in height, with 73 robe mega pointe adorning the curvature for an impressive runway-style stage which powerfully mirrored the venues architecture. 

 With an impressive kick-start to the year, this display brought Ruffini’s inventive vision to life from encompassing technology, entertainment, and design. Neg Earth Lights are delighted to have been the supplier of the lighting elements and key motor systems used in the show, contributing to a striking immersive display. 



Project Manager: Martin Garnish 

Lighting Designer: Arf & Yes 

Production: Villa Eugénie 

Saudi Arabia welcomed back WWE Crown Jewel for a fourth year in November 2022. Held in Riyadh’s Mrsool Park Stadium, a growing and diverse audience watched the wrestling spectacle. Neg Earth Lights provided lighting, rigging and automation for WWE Crown Jewel, continuing a close relationship with event planners and lighting design team Jason Robinson and Jason Shaw.


We have provided services for WWE shows since 2018. Our project manager, Gavin Maze, took pleasure running the project for WWE for the 8th time, explaining “Each one comes with their unique challenges – weight loading, heat and the occasional sandstorm are a few examples! However, we have got these WWE Saudi shows down to a fine art now, being able to draw on what we’ve learnt from the previous shows and the experiences of our crew working in various venues across Jeddah and Riyadh. These experiences added with the relationships we have built over the years with the teams mean we are able to smoothly deliver a high spec and complex build each time.”


Gavin recognises though that this delivery is a reflection on the team at home and away; “Like everything we do at Neg, it’s a real collaborative effort across the company ensuring that the team we send out are well supported,” he continues, “The Neg team are heavily involved in co-ordinating the shipping, crewing and build schedules. From the crew team arranging flights and visas for crew all over the world, to our warehouse teams meticulously preparing equipment – pulling all the threads together can be both challenging and rewarding”


The WWE team really know how to fill a stadium, with over 600 moving heads and strobes, they excel at creating dynamic effects throughout the show. We also supplied approximately 10km of cable and an extensive MA3 and Luminex control system. Onsite efficiently installing this mammoth system, were 18 highly talented crew members, as well as 16 crew from Show stars crewing company and 14 riggers from TECS.


Gavin concludes, “It is a highlight of my year sending out such a large team and system, here’s to the next one!” The team at Neg look forward to providing further equipment to WWE in the years to come.


Lighting Design team: Jason Robinson and Jason Shaw.

Photo Credit: WWE


Neg Earth Lights has recently partnered with eco-friendly community project Remade in Park Royal with the aim to reduce industrial waste going to landfill. Neg Earth Lights’ Senior Fabricator, Phil Webb, established his relationship with the project’s founders, Tom Fraser-Ivans and Grace Williams, 3 years ago.  

The community project, Remade in Park Royal, is dedicated to creating a circular economy. Their team has established a material exchange hub for the local community, which prevents unwanted industrial items ending up in landfill. Instead, local artists and schools are free to utilise them in their creative endeavours. 

Phil first met Tom 3 years ago in the local community, when Tom was seeking art pieces created from upcycled and recycled materials for an exhibition he was planning. They exchanged contact details and have since fostered a working relationship using unwanted industrial items.  

Phil has since started his own creations, making sculptures out of unwanted metal previously used in the live events industry. He explains, “I like the idea of repurposing scrap items and equipment for an art piece rather than increasing the carbon footprint of the item through the recycling process.” He has been known to create coat racks and large 5ft flowers out of old shackles. But his most renowned creation is his Spannersaurus, which featured in the Work-Leisure art exhibition organised by artist and lecturer Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad. 

With the realisation that their community of eco-friendly artists was growing, Remade in Park Royal was set up. Phil Webb then donated 500m of 8mm high-quality rigging rope to the project. Forest school, outdoor learning and environmental education provider in West London, Bewilder Education, has since taken the rope to help children learn more about spiders in an interactive and fun way by creating a giant spider web. 

Phil spread the word to Neg Earth Lights owners Pip & Dave Ridgway, who both expressed their passion for eco-friendly projects and subsequently pledged to support Remade in Park Royal with a donation of £3,000 towards the campaign. This crowdfunding campaign has raised over £30,000 so far, allowing founders Tom and Grace to make the project fully operational. 

Neg’s HSE Advisor, Sonia Dhariwal, who is focusing on the company’s environmental efforts explains the positive aspects of this partnership, “It is important to collaborate with the local community to establish partnerships with like-minded individuals and seek bespoke solutions and opportunities to help reduce our environmental impact.”  

We look forward to supporting the cause and sharing images of the artists’ creations.  


On the 18th of June 2022, world-renowned rock band Stereophonics took to the stage in the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, with the iconic Sir Tom Jones and indie-rock sensation Catfish and the Bottlemen performing alongside them, for an unforgettable punk performance. For the show, Stereophonics performed their twelfth studio album ‘Oochya’, featuring the hits ‘Hanging on your hinges’ and ‘When you see it’.  

 Neg Earth Lights are delighted to have provided the lighting and rigging for the concert, supplying the stage with the latest innovations of fixtures to truly wow the audience of dedicated rock-loving fans. Our team worked closely in collaboration with Lighting Designer Brent Clarke to bring his creative vision to life. Brent Clarke spoke with the Neg Earth Lights team and revealed, “I think the Stadium was chosen as a way to go back in time and celebrate the gig the band did at Morfa Stadium in 1999,” he continued, “I also think it was their way of saying that live concerts had returned to Cardiff, as the concert was titled ‘We Will Keep a Welcome.’”  

The show featured four independently moving panoramic screens which were sub-hung from header trusses. These trusses were chosen to carefully hide the rigging for the automation system. Each screen was surrounded by GLP Impression X4 bar 20s, creating the boxed effect for the visual display.  

7 ROBE Robospot were supplied as the follow spot system. This innovative control system helped to synchronise fixtures that followed the band across the entire stage.  

Neg Earth Lights were thrilled to be the supplier of the lighting and rigging for this show. Our talented team and crew helped turn Brent Clark’s vision into a spectacular rock reality. We were honoured to have received a special mention from the Lighting designer, “I really enjoyed working with everyone and the team from Neg were spectacular in every way. I couldn’t have asked for a better team!”  



Photographer: Hans-Peter van Velthoven 

Lighting Designer: Brent Clarke 

Production Manager: Dave Nelson 

Neg Earth Lights invests in 29 IVL Photon lighting fixtures from Minuit Une to add to our rental stock. 

Managing Director, Dave Ridgway, viewed the IVL Photon at PLASA earlier this year. As one of the winners of the PLASA Innovation Award 2022, the IVL Photon is already a fixture in demand.  

The Judges said that “the multitude of dazzling effects from this laser light source will bring digital fireworks to productions.”  

Boasting 3 main outputs (mirror, frost and moving core), as well as 9 gobos, dimmer and RGB control for each of the 8 mirror tilts and an electronic shutter; the IVL Photon provides freedom in creativity.  

Our team of Lighting Technicians received training at our HQ from Minuit Une shortly after PLASA, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to deliver high quality service to maintain the IVL Photon. A big thank you to the team at Minuit Une for the fantastic service and training.  


You can now find the IVL Photon on our Stock at a Glance list.  

Explore Minuit Une. 


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Neg Earth are thrilled to have provided additional network and control equipment from Sundrax for the UK’s largest festival, Glastonbury. Sundrax, a company that usually operates in architectural, street & city, and stage & theatre lighting, provided nodes used on the stage output racks and as a part of the front-of-house input nodes provided by Neg at Glastonbury Festival 2022.


Ciarán Markey, Senior Network Technician at Neg, provided insight into Sundrax’s nodes and their debut performance at Glastonbury 2022.


“The Sundrax systems display a good and intuitive user experience on their web interface. It supplies a suitable range of settings but keeps in mind the efficiency and streamlined workflows needed for the industry.”


He continues, “Working directly with their technical sales and development team that supported the project on a 360° basis, we suggested a few new features and workflows to ensure our clients’ satisfaction and provided new ideas to the Sundrax development path.”


“We are excited about serving one of the most important festivals in the UK with our networking nodes,” expressed Dan Kurt, Sales Engineer at Sundrax. “Since we first started our business as an engineering team, we have always taken extra care to ensure that our products are reliable and fail-safe.”


“Rack-mounted ArtGate Pro by Sundrax has been specifically designed for touring and festivals. Two EtherCon ports provide additional switch functionality, PowerCON True1 input and thru output, and POE support” he continued. “We are proud to have worked with Neg on the Glastonbury Festival this year, and we are confident that many projects will come our way in the future.”


Overall, this was an incredible experience and we look forward to seeing Sundrax’s products used in further initiatives for the live events industry.

Lady Gaga’s 2022 tour had a recent stop over at our HQ last week upon completing the European leg of the tour.

Our equipment has since been shipped over to Canada for @ladygaga’s recent performance in Toronto on Saturday, and travelled to Washington, DC to kick off her USA/Japan leg of the tour yesterday!



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A Happy Tuesday with awesome artwork!

Our team work hard to take care of equipment and when a few pieces returned to HQ from Rammstein’s tour for some TLC, we found one of our flight case’s had been personalised.

Do you love it as much as us?

Congrats to Woodroffe Basset Design for putting on a fabulous lighting show.

We hope Rammstein and all crew involved keep on rocking for the remainder of their 2022 tour in the USA!

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Glastonbury Festival 2022 has been the hot topic this month, and we are thrilled to have supplied an array of equipment along with a great crew to set up the lighting and rigging on The Pyramid Stage and The Other Stage. Taking place from 22nd-26th June 2022, Glastonbury has been one of the UK’s leading festivals for decades, with their first ever show in 1970.

The five-day festival held in Pilton, Somerset, celebrates performing arts and contemporary music, wowing the audience with legendary artists and new musicians taking to the stage.

Artists such as Sir Paul McCartney, Kendrick Lamar, Billie Eilish, Lorde, Megan Thee Stallion, Pet Shop Boys and Elbow performed on the two stages, illuminated by our lighting and immersive visual displays.

We would like to recognise the hard work of the crew, who contributed in creating many spectacular lighting performances for these iconic artists. Neg Earth Project Manager, Gavin Maze, attended the festival and captured the very essence of peace, love and rock and roll in his photographs.