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To celebrate the galaxy far, far away, the world’s biggest Star Wars event, Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023, took place over a 4-day weekender full of storm troopers, dark droids and luminous lightsabres from the 7th to the 10th April. 

For the LucasFilm Studio showcase, Neg Earth Lights are thrilled to have provided lighting fixtures and equipment which created a striking and out-of-this-world visual display.  The Neg Earth team worked closely with Lighting Designer Matt Bialek, to develop his creative vision for the celebration into a futuristic space spectacle. 

‘Warsies’ and ‘Star Warriors’ headed to the ExCeL in London in a community of Cosplay costumes for a celebration of the fifth highest grossing movie franchise of all time. The event included immersive exhibits, exclusive merchandise and celebrity guests. The sell-out event celebrated all things Star Wars, even releasing a major announcement for the return of old Star Wars legends onscreen.  

One of the fixtures supplied by Neg Earth for the showcase was the Martin Mac Aura PXL. This multi-lens wash light features high intensity beams, providing the exhibition with bold and vibrant beams of colours which projected through the rooms. Additionally, the Ayrton Domino Profile helped to produce a space-age atmosphere from its dynamic lines of saturated light. The high-performance fixture was a great contribution to the lighting display, creating a broad colour spectrum for the Sci-Fi Celebration. 

Neg Earth are proud to be the lighting supplier for the Star Wars Celebration 2023. We hope to work with the Star Wars Celebration team on future initiatives to develop more striking shows.  



Lighting Designer: Matt Bialek  

Project Manager: Martin Garnish 

Photography credit:  @geek.pride 

Video credit: Star Wars Celebration via Instagram


For the first time since 1998, the United Kingdom hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 on 13th May, held on behalf of Ukraine.  All 37 participants from across the globe performed live from Liverpool Arena, televised for millions of viewers to watch worldwide. Neg Earth Lights are incredibly proud to be the supplier of the lighting, rigging and power for the internationally renowned contest, working closely with talented Lighting Designer, Tim Routledge, to develop his creative vision for the show into an unforgettable lighting spectacular.  

 The slogan for the 67th Eurovision Contest was ‘United by Music’ highlighting the unique partnership between United Kingdom and Ukraine, but also expressing how music unites everyone and how the power of music can bring communities closer together. With Ukraine unable to host the show due to the war, this meaningful partnership reflects the origins of the contest, uniting countries in solidarity through a shared television experience. The BBC worked closely with European Broadcasting Union (EBU) to organise the contest, in discussion with UA: PBC, Ukraine’s public broadcaster, as well as Kalush Orchestra, last year’s winner of the contest.  

In a message to Ukraine, Liverpool’s Mayor, Joanne Anderson expressed prior to the big final, “Ukraine- you have my promise we will do you proud”.  

The team at Neg Earth had been preparing for many months leading up to the 3 shows. New equipment had been supplied especially for the occasion, including Robe’s latest innovations such as the Robe Tetra X. 


Preparation at Neg Earth: 

The Controls Team at Neg Earth Lights 

Tim Routledge explained in an interview with IBC the lighting specification for the show, “To create depth we’ve added 190 Robe Tetra X on the rear of the video doors to deliver a spinning, kinetic pixel-driven lighting wall. Behind that we have a wall of Robe Painte and Q8 strobes to add even more depth as the doors revolve.”  

He continued, “Around the oval stage, which is effectively in the round, I wanted a way to make new architectures of floor lighting so I designed 22 lifting columns into the lighting shelf that can rise and fall the Robe Spiiders on the edge. We have new fixtures in the form of the Clay Paky Sharpy on the four large set arms that frame the whole show.” 


Preparation for the big final at M&S Arena in Liverpool, UK 


Eurovision lighting rehearsals prior to the show 

The great result of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 was down to the hard work of our lighting team, our warehouse team and the entire Neg Earth crew. The lighting design was exceptionally executed by the lighting team, and in addition the extensive range of fixtures which Neg Earth Lights supplied truly wowed the millions of viewers from across the World. 


Take a look at some of the key statistics from the show! 



“That was the happiest, most joyous show I have ever worked on – it was fun from day 1 to the end and I cannot thank you enough for all the support Negs gave us. From the bottom of my heart – thankyou. This was as a special one, and Negs went for it. From an amazing new network to Joao’s tea break emergency kit and everything in between. Negs is one truly special company and everything we have done in the past has culminated in last week – thanks, it was truly world class.” 

Tim Routledge, Lighting Designer for Eurovision 


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Lighting Designer: Tim Routledge  

Project Manager: Damien Jackson 

Technical Solutions: Ambersphere & MA Lighting