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The fifth Laver Cup tennis tournament was held at The O2 arena in London over the weekend.


As 103 LITEC Exe-Rise hoists – with a combined lifting capacity of 118,000kg – supported a multi-truss system populated with over 340 lighting fixtures, eager spectators watched Team Europe take on Team World.


Lighting fixtures including Ayrton Domino, Khamsin and Wildsun S-25, Robe Forte and Spiider, and SGM Q-8 Flood Strobes illuminated the iconic black court.


Screen, Production and Lighting Design: Toby Harding

Production Manager: Ade Barnard

Local Production: Paul Southernwood

Production Rigger: James Wright


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Neg Earth are thrilled to have provided additional network and control equipment from Sundrax for the UK’s largest festival, Glastonbury. Sundrax, a company that usually operates in architectural, street & city, and stage & theatre lighting, provided nodes used on the stage output racks and as a part of the front-of-house input nodes provided by Neg at Glastonbury Festival 2022.


Ciarán Markey, Senior Network Technician at Neg, provided insight into Sundrax’s nodes and their debut performance at Glastonbury 2022.


“The Sundrax systems display a good and intuitive user experience on their web interface. It supplies a suitable range of settings but keeps in mind the efficiency and streamlined workflows needed for the industry.”


He continues, “Working directly with their technical sales and development team that supported the project on a 360° basis, we suggested a few new features and workflows to ensure our clients’ satisfaction and provided new ideas to the Sundrax development path.”


“We are excited about serving one of the most important festivals in the UK with our networking nodes,” expressed Dan Kurt, Sales Engineer at Sundrax. “Since we first started our business as an engineering team, we have always taken extra care to ensure that our products are reliable and fail-safe.”


“Rack-mounted ArtGate Pro by Sundrax has been specifically designed for touring and festivals. Two EtherCon ports provide additional switch functionality, PowerCON True1 input and thru output, and POE support” he continued. “We are proud to have worked with Neg on the Glastonbury Festival this year, and we are confident that many projects will come our way in the future.”


Overall, this was an incredible experience and we look forward to seeing Sundrax’s products used in further initiatives for the live events industry.

Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets has been touring the world in 2022 with lighting, motors, network system and control consoles from Neg Earth Lights.

The band, led by legendary Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, are lit by a varied rig including Clay Paky Scenius Unico, Sharpy Wash, and B-Eye K25, Martin Aura XBs and Robe Robin Spikie LED WashBeams.

Designers Patrick Woodroffe and Paul ‘PK’ Kell aimed to reproduce Pink Floyd’s liquid light shows from the 1960s. Using laser projectors combined with the traditional technique of mixing oil, water, printer ink and dyes on two transparent, concaved, clockfaces the team created unique imagery and reactions each time.

The oil mixing is performed live under camera each night and projected onto the custom backdrop via Neg’s media server.

Paul Howling, Lighting Operator for the forthcoming US tour, previously led video integration and oil mixing, recently handing the reins over to Rachel Axton.

Check out Rachel’s demonstration of liquid light here.


Lighting Designer: @paul_pk_kell & @patrickwoodroffe1

Production Manager: Pat Baker

Lighting Operator: Paul Howling

Video Operator: Paul Howling & Rachel Axton

Oils: Rachel Axton

Photographer: @will_ireland_photo


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On Monday 19th September, Neg Earth Lights Limited will be closed as a mark of respect to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her family.

We have, however, ensured that we will deliver our current clients’ needs on Monday with a core operational team in support on site.

Full operation will resume, as normal, on Tuesday 20th September 2022.

We join the country and commonwealth in a day of mourning and the celebration of our Queen’s reign.


Returning to Edinburgh Castle’s Esplanade after 3 years, The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo performed with the theme Voices under lighting designed by Adam Bassett.

Working closely with Technical Production Advisor, Keith Duncan, we provided over 427 lighting fixtures, 6.5km of cable, 8 distro racks, fibre network system and GrandMA3 control system.

Lighting Designer: Adam Bassett

Technical Production Advisor: Keith Duncan

Photos: The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo


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