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Neg Earth Lights has recently partnered with eco-friendly community project Remade in Park Royal with the aim to reduce industrial waste going to landfill. Neg Earth Lights’ Senior Fabricator, Phil Webb, established his relationship with the project’s founders, Tom Fraser-Ivans and Grace Williams, 3 years ago.  

The community project, Remade in Park Royal, is dedicated to creating a circular economy. Their team has established a material exchange hub for the local community, which prevents unwanted industrial items ending up in landfill. Instead, local artists and schools are free to utilise them in their creative endeavours. 

Phil first met Tom 3 years ago in the local community, when Tom was seeking art pieces created from upcycled and recycled materials for an exhibition he was planning. They exchanged contact details and have since fostered a working relationship using unwanted industrial items.  

Phil has since started his own creations, making sculptures out of unwanted metal previously used in the live events industry. He explains, “I like the idea of repurposing scrap items and equipment for an art piece rather than increasing the carbon footprint of the item through the recycling process.” He has been known to create coat racks and large 5ft flowers out of old shackles. But his most renowned creation is his Spannersaurus, which featured in the Work-Leisure art exhibition organised by artist and lecturer Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad. 

With the realisation that their community of eco-friendly artists was growing, Remade in Park Royal was set up. Phil Webb then donated 500m of 8mm high-quality rigging rope to the project. Forest school, outdoor learning and environmental education provider in West London, Bewilder Education, has since taken the rope to help children learn more about spiders in an interactive and fun way by creating a giant spider web. 

Phil spread the word to Neg Earth Lights owners Pip & Dave Ridgway, who both expressed their passion for eco-friendly projects and subsequently pledged to support Remade in Park Royal with a donation of £3,000 towards the campaign. This crowdfunding campaign has raised over £30,000 so far, allowing founders Tom and Grace to make the project fully operational. 

Neg’s HSE Advisor, Sonia Dhariwal, who is focusing on the company’s environmental efforts explains the positive aspects of this partnership, “It is important to collaborate with the local community to establish partnerships with like-minded individuals and seek bespoke solutions and opportunities to help reduce our environmental impact.”  

We look forward to supporting the cause and sharing images of the artists’ creations.  


It’s Global Recycling Day and the Neg Team are keen to work towards sustainability and do our bit for the environment wherever possible. After all, where would Neg be without the Earth?! 

With that in mind, our team would like to share some quick and easy tips to encourage us all to reduce, reuse and recycle more at work and at home.  


That’s a wrap! We’re all in this togetherhappy reducing, reusing and recycling!